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LCBH provides free, comprehensive legal representation so that renters have a trusted advocate in court. Combined with education, outreach, supportive services and policy initiatives, our programs holistically address both the short-term housing crisis and underlying causes, so that more families can move from a path leading to homelessness to one of safe and stable housing.

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Uptown Losing Its Diversity As Minorities Leave In Droves

Uptown Losing Its Diversity As Minorities Leave In Droves: DNA Info

At a community meeting to discuss plans for a massive new development on Broadway last week, a neighborhood activist wondered if the well-known "Asia on Argyle" sign advertising the neighborhood's diversity could soon have to change.

"If the apartment building is built, I would bet my life that in a few years, you'll have to take down the Asian part of Asia on Argyle," said Liz Thomson, 42, a Vietnamese American who left the area for Rogers Park when rents started to climb.

The CHA’s waiting game: A Sun-Times/BGA special Watchdogs report

The CHA’s waiting game: A Sun-Times/BGA special Watchdogs report

It’s been 18 months since the Chicago Housing Authority closed its wait list for coveted housing choice vouchers, which pay all or part of the rent for poor people to live in homes leased by private landlords.

But since then, the agency has added 1,035 households to the list — and handed them vouchers — ahead of about 45,000 households already on the list, many of who have been waiting several years, according to CHA records.

All but eight of the 1,035 got their vouchers in less than a year. Four in 10 got them in a week or less.

The Gentrification of Chicago’s Public Housing

Chicago is one of many cities that has a notorious past with public housing. When most people hear those words “public housing”, media-driven images of poverty-stricken, crime-ridden Cabrini Green and Robert Taylor homes come to mind. While we have taken down those “projects” and have installed some new public housing buildings, we have a long way to go to make up for all the units that were torn down. Progress is slow. As of 2015, 100,000 people are on the CHA’s housing wait list.

Renter Stories

Edna’s Ordeal Ends Well with LCBH at Her Side


Edna is a funny, vibrant single mother of three small children.

Mars Caulton

Mars Caulton

After finding out the apartment she had called home for over 10 years had gone into foreclosure, Mars Caulton called the LCBH Tenants in Foreclosure Help Line for assistance.

Working Together with Betty


Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) helps preserve the vitality and affordability of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Foreclosure: a Renter’s Perspective

A Tenants Union Leader

Following is a recent letter from a client describing her experiences living in a recently foreclosed apartment building and dealing with the new bank owners.


Ali Family

This summer, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) teamed up with the John Marshall Law School’s Pro Bono Program and Heartland Alliance to help a family in crisis get a fresh start.

LCBH Helps Renter Enforce Her Legal Rights Under the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance

Bianca Brown

Bianca Brown recently contacted the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) Tenants in Foreclosure Helpline. An LCBH attorney counseled Ms.