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LCBH provides free, comprehensive legal representation so that renters have a trusted advocate in court. Combined with education, outreach, supportive services and policy initiatives, our programs holistically address both the short-term housing crisis and underlying causes, so that more families can move from a path leading to homelessness to one of safe and stable housing.

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Aldermen pass SRO preservation law

Aldermen pass SRO preservation law: Chicago Tribune

Owners of single-room-occupancy hotels in Chicago will not be able to so easily evict residents and convert their properties to market-rate apartments, under an ordinance approved Wednesday by the Chicago City Council.

By a vote of 47-2, aldermen approved the Single-Room Occupancy Preservation Ordinance to help veterans, students and city residents down on their luck who might otherwise find themselves homeless.

Hard work of many led to single room occupancy ordinance

Hard work of many led to single room occupancy ordinance: Chicago Sun-Times

Just two years ago, a group of Chicago community activists weren’t sure they could find a single alderman to champion the cause of saving the city’s disappearing stock of single-room occupancy housing.

With SROs more often viewed as problem buildings than a precious last chance affordable housing option for the poor, aldermen were less likely to want to save SROs in their wards than to actively get rid of them.

Even a year ago when those same activists started talking about using the 2015 city elections to force the issue, I thought to myself: fat chance.

What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios

What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios: Washington Post

For years, this brown-brick building near Wrigley Field housed people who had nowhere else to go. It had peeling walls and broken smoke detectors. But its tiny one-room apartments offered homes to residents too poor for a one-bedroom, too risky to pass a credit check, too vulnerable — on the perpetual edge of homelessness — to sign a one-year lease.