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LCBH provides free, comprehensive legal representation so that renters have a trusted advocate in court. Combined with education, outreach, supportive services and policy initiatives, our programs holistically address both the short-term housing crisis and underlying causes, so that more families can move from a path leading to homelessness to one of safe and stable housing.

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You Thought the Mortgage Crisis Was Over? It's About to Flare Up Again

You Thought the Mortgage Crisis Was Over? It's About to Flare Up Again: New Republic

We are nearly eight years removed from the beginnings of the foreclosure crisis, with over five million homes lost. So it would be natural to believe that the crisis has receded. Statistics point in that direction. Financial analyst CoreLogic reports that the national foreclosure rate fell to 1.7 percent in June, down from 2.5 percent a year ago. Sales of foreclosed properties are at their lowest levels since 2008, and the rate of foreclosure starts—the beginning of the foreclosure process—is at 2006 levels.

Future of affordable housing unclear after SRO tenant deals

Future of affordable housing unclear after SRO tenant deals: SunTimes

In a bid to preserve his home in Logan Square’s bug-infested Milshire Hotel, Fred Bartels testified before the City Council just last month in favor of a city moratorium on converting or demolishing single-room occupancy and residential hotels.

On Friday, Bartels was making plans for what he could do with the $4,000 he will receive in exchange for moving out of the Milshire by Sept. 2 as part of a settlement between tenants and the building owner.

Milshire Hotel residents settle with management

Residents of the beleaguered Milshire Hotel agreed Wednesday to move out by 5 p.m. Sept. 2 in exchange for $4,000 per unit and a promise that owners of the single-room occupancy building will not attempt to collect back rent.
"I can't wait to get out of there," said Jennie Morales, who said she has lived at the Milshire off and on for 21 years and does not have solid plans for somewhere to move next month. "I'm glad it's over."