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Got an Affordable Housing Crisis? Save the Cheap Housing You Already Have: Atlantic CityLab

How widespread is the affordable housing crisis? Well, not a single county in the U.S. has enough affordable units to go around.

Constructing more housing is important (albeit not easy), but we can’t just build our way out of the problem: In some cases, the cheaper, better option is to simply preserve the existing affordable housing stock, instead of allowing it to get swept away by development.

Pilsen's Only SRO, Lugo Hotel, Will Be Saved By Resurrection Project

Pilsen's only single room occupancy hotel will be saved, helping dozens of low-income residents stay in the rapidly-changing neighborhood.

The Resurrection Project has purchased the three-story Lugo Hotel, a longtime SRO at 2008 S. Blue Island Ave., the Pilsen non-profit announced this month. The acquisition will help current Lugo Hotel residents, many of whom are on fixed incomes, stay in the building.

Little Village Tenants Protest Evictions: 'We Will Not Be Gentrified!': DNA Info

Seven Little Village families are facing eviction from their apartment building on 2622 W. Cermak Road after it was purchased by real estate investor, Barnett Capital LTD, in April. During a protest on Tuesday, the tenants unfurled banners from their windows that read: "Barnett Capital Stop the Eviction!" They chanted, “La Villita is unified, we will not be gentrified.” The residents formed the Cermak Tenants Union to attempt to negotiate terms with the new owner, but they insist they’ve been unable to reach the company.

Brown: Northwest Side community group can afford to take a bow

Brown: Northwest Side community group can afford to take a bow: Chicago Sun-Times

Two years after launching an audacious plan to stem the loss of affordable housing by buying up foreclosed properties, a Northwest Side community group is declaring victory.

Communities United, formerly known as the Albany Park Neighborhood Council before it expanded its turf, expects to close later this month on the purchase of its 19th small apartment building.

The Cook County Land Bank is chipping away at abandoned properties one house at a time: Chicago Reader

Imagine a county agency that doesn't rely on taxpayer dollars to operate. And not only that, but it also generates wealth and helps revitalize struggling neighborhoods.

It's not a fairytale, but how boosters describe the successes of the Cook County Land Bank Authority, now in its third year of operating.

A bit of cash can keep someone off the streets for 2 years or more

A bit of cash can keep someone off the streets for 2 years or more: Science Magazine

If someone is about to become homeless, giving them a single cash infusion, averaging about $1000, may be enough to keep them off the streets for at least 2 years. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which finds that programs that proactively assist those in need don’t just help the victims—they may benefit society as a whole.

“I think this is a really important study, and it’s really well done,” says Beth Shinn, a community psychologist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville who specializes in homelessness but was not involved in the work.

Are Online Applications Making Renting an Apartment Easier or Harder?

Are Online Applications Making Renting an Apartment Easier or Harder?: US News & World Report

Much like the homebuying process, renting an apartment is no longer restricted to scanning the newspaper for printed listings or driving around searching for signs. These days, rental websites and mobile apps like Zillow, and HotPads bring the options directly to apartment hunters.

Your time online doesn’t necessarily stop there, though. Renting is increasingly becoming more automated as property managers and landlords embrace systems and software that allow renters to apply for an apartment, sign a lease, pay rent and even submit maintenance requests online.

Sorry You Lost Your Home: Americans Deserve More Than an Apology for the Foreclosure Fraud Epidemic: Alternet

"I lost my home of 30 years to fraudclosure.”
“I have been fighting this bank for over five years now. I am finally losing everything to their fraud.”
“We feel captive in our own home.”

50 Years Later: A Memorial Marks King’s Fair Housing March Through Marquette Park: WBEZ

Fifty years ago, on August 5, 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a march against housing discrimination through the Marquette Park neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

Historians say there were about 500 civil rights marchers with King that day. They were met by a mob of thousands—angry residents from the all-white neighborhoods nearby— who opposed integration. Men, women and children hurled bottles and cherry bombs at King and the marchers.

Pilsen Peace March Protests Violence, Gentrification in Neighborhood: DNA Info

In an effort to combat recent violence and gentrification in the neighborhood, a group of Pilsen residents marched Wednesday evening on 18th Street. Chanting "stop the violence, stop the killing," about 100 Pilsen residents joined Pilsen Alliance's March for Peace & Justice from Dvorak Park to Harrison Park. This summer has been a violent one in the neighborhood, Pilsen Alliance Executive Director Byron Sigcho said. But the march also aimed to bring awareness to the ongoing gentrification in Pilsen, as the two issues — violence and displacement — are interconnected, Sigcho said.