Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) has published several important reports to bring attention to the critical housing issues, including comprehensive annual reports on the foreclosure crisis. LCBH also distributes regular foreclosure reports as part of an "Early Warning System" for tenant advocates to reach out to tenants in foreclosure.

Special Reports

Vacant Properties

A Haven for Crime in a City Plagued by Violence
April 2013

On an average day in Chicago last year, seven reported crimes took place in vacant properties. This constitutes a 48% increase in the number of crimes reported in Chicago’s vacant buildings between 2005-2012. After foreclosure banks and lenders often empty rental buildings of law-abiding, rent-paying families, resulting in scores of new vacant buildings. As a result, there has been an astronomical increase in the number of vacant properties in Chicago at the same time that crime in vacant buildings has been on the rise.

Insecure in Your Own Home

What It Means To Rent in Illinois - Findings and Recommendations from the Illinois Renters Survey
January 2006

The goal of the Illinois Renters Survey was to understand the experience of renters in Illinois in order to determine how best to improve the landlord-tenant relationship and, ultimately, the quality of life for Illinois renters.

Three-hundred and ninety-six Illinois residents from across the state responded to the survey. The typical respondent lived in an unsubsidized property that was not owner-occupied. They had a family size between two and three and made $10,000 per year or less. Over 80% of tenants paid their landlord a security deposit for their rental unit.

No Time for Justice

A Study of Chicago’s Eviction Court
December 2003

Residential landlords and tenants participate in contractual relationships in which the landlord provides habitable housing and tenants pay their rent on time. Although the success of these relationships is essential to the health of the community, tens of thousands end up in court each year. In 2002, 35,799 cases were filed in Chicago’s forcible entry and detainer courts, most being landlord and tenant disputes over nonpayment of rent. Eviction courts exist to protect tenants from wrongful evictions and potentially violent confrontations with their landlord.

Locked Out

Barriers to Choice for Housing Voucher Holders
June 2002

For over 20 years, the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, Inc. (LCBH) has been the premier public interest law firm specializing in housing law and policy in Chicago. LCBH’s mission is to increase the availability of safe, decent, and affordable housing for people of low and moderate income in the City of Chicago through legal and public advocacy and community education.