Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project

Ensuring the laws protecting renters are upheld throughout the foreclosure process.

Since 2008, the Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project (TFIP) has worked to ensure that the laws protecting renters are upheld throughout the foreclosure process. LCBH provides legal representation, advocacy, and educational workshops for a variety of stakeholders including attorneys, community advocates, and renters. TFIP works diligently to preserve affordable housing units that are being lost to foreclosure throughout the neighborhoods of Chicago, in the suburbs and other impacted areas of Illinois. LCBH is the only legal aid agency in the Chicago area that focuses solely on the issues facing renters living in foreclosed buildings.

Your support makes it possible for TFIP to offer:

  • Individualized foreclosure counseling for renters, offering information that is building specific, as well as general information about the foreclosure process and referrals to appropriate resources. Our goal in 2013 was to assist 330 renters. We actually provided assistance to over 650 renters.
  • LCBH provided 76 renter families with legal representation that involved litigation. Additionally, the TFIP team provided 871 renter families with referrals.
  • A toll-free helpline for Chicago (312-784-3507) and Cook County (855-207-8347) to serve renters experiencing housing issues due to foreclosure.
  • The fourth annual foreclosure report: Housing Instability for Renters Continues: Chicago Responds with Adoption of New Tenant Protection.
  • Workshops about renters’ rights and the foreclosure process offered to renters, advocates, and community based organizations. In 2013, 67 seminars/workshops were offered, with a total of 1,530 attendees.