LCBH begins 2nd year of DEIB Consultation

Jan 24, 2024

The Law Center for Better Housing believes safe, stable, and affordable housing is a human right. In and outside of eviction court, our staff witnesses how systemic racism and other social inequities create barriers to housing for our clients, most of whom are Black and Latinx families.  

As advocates for all renters in Chicago, we recognize the role we play in dismantling these oppressive structures both within ourselves and in our interactions with the court system and our clients.  

Implementing a strong DEIB culture is not only a moral imperative but also an advantage for LCBH. It fosters a positive work environment, drives innovation, and positions LCBH for long term success in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world,” LCBH Supportive Services Director, Anita Lewis, said.   

LCBH’s DEIB committee connected with The Red Bee Group LLC (TRBG) in 2023 to measure our strengths and identify improvement opportunities. TRBG assessed the culture, policies, and programming in place to support DEIB at LCBH and provided us with recommendations.  

As part of the assessment process, TRBG looked at LCBH holistically to identify strengths that can be leveraged in developing a DEIB plan. TRBG found that LCBH’s Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan, along with the rapid growth of our staff, provide a unique opportunity to involve all team members in the “relaunch” of our DEIB culture.  

Building on these strengths, TRBG recommended that LCBH continue growing our DEIB culture by focusing on diverse talent recruitment, implementing DEIB-centric workplace policies and training, adopting intentional communication strategies, and reinforcing the Board’s efforts in cultivating a strong DEIB culture. 

Moving into Phase Two, TRBG will help LCBH define objectives, timeframes, and success measures to support the launch of new DEIB initiatives. Cultivating a DEIB-informed workplace is an active process that is never “over.” Through this ongoing work, we strive to create conditions that give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive.  

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