2013 Friend of LCBH Award

The WCPBN team with Cheryl Lawrence, LCBH Executive Director; Anthony G. Hopp, LCBH Board President; Mark Swartz, LCBH Legal Director

West Cook Pro Bono Network (WCPBN)

Based in Oak Park/River Forest, the West Cook Pro Bono Network (WCPBN) works with legal aid agencies to create opportunities that allow local women attorneys to actualize their pro bono commitment while balancing family obligations. Since the Fall of 2012, WCPBN has partnered with LCBH to bolster LCBH’s Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP), an LCBH volunteer driven initiative that seeks to resolve landlord-tenant disputes with the goal of keeping tenants in their homes and preventing future court action. The LCBH-WCPBN strategy involves an “on-call” system whereby one to two WCPBN attorneys are available on a weekly basis to handle TAP cases in a timely fashion. This time efficient strategy facilitates LCBH advocacy which spans a wide array of action from lease negotiations to reasonable accommodation requests to demands for repair.