2013 Law Firm of the Year Award

From Left: Anthony G. Hopp, LCBH Board President; Cheryl Lawrence, LCBH Executive Director; John R. Storino, Jenner & Block, Edward Mansell, Jenner & Block, Mark Swartz, LCBH Legal Director

Jenner & Block

The Law Firm of the Year award is presented when a firm’s pro bono contributions to LCBH or its mission are so significant that it creates an impact well into the future. The contributions that Jenner & Block have made this year to the health and future of LCBH, our pro bono efforts and to our clients cannot be over-estimated. Several Jenner & Block attorneys have individually played a special role and their personal involvement and dedication has made LCBH stronger today than ever before and ready to tackle the future. The beginning of this year looked a little grim for us with eviction court growing increasingly erratic with nothing great on the horizon for tenants, and then our own eviction notice in January forcing a 90-day move. Against insurmountable odds, Jenner helped guide us through a strong lease negotiation and an unbudgeted move. Jenner’s attorneys have been involved all year in providing high level pro bono legal services that allowed LCBH to engage more resources to serve clients and providing outcomes not otherwise possible. There is no way to thank Jenner & Block enough for all they have done for us this year- we are truly grateful and so are many of our clients.