2014 LCBH Summer Legal Team

LCBH Summer Legal Team

This summer LCBH has seven legal interns and volunteers working with us. Without these students and recent graduates who come to spend their summer with us, LCBH would have a tough time offering the legal services our clients need. Here are a few highlights from each of them:

Sarah Barnes is a rising third year law student at Chicago-Kent College of Law. At LCBH, Sarah works with the Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project (TFIP), assisting renters who are facing eviction due to a landlord’s mortgage foreclosure. Prior to law school, Sarah volunteered with the AmeriCorps program where she helped Michigan homeowners avoid foreclosure through counseling and home retention services. “When individuals and families do not have stable housing it affects every other aspect of their life.” Sarah enjoys working with tenants, especially at LCBH’s help desk. “There are many laws protecting tenants in this position, but most tenants do not know their rights and do not know where to turn for help.” Sarah has enjoyed working with the TFIP program and hopes to continue volunteering at the help desk in the fall.

Tiara Brown is a rising third year law student at the University of Michigan Law School. A Cleveland native, Tiara has enjoyed soaking in the familiar Midwestern hospitality while also binging on the delightful Chicago music and food scenes. She is working as an LCBH policy intern helping to research, develop, and facilitate systemic legislative actions aimed at creating proactive, accessible and robust Chicago housing policy. Tiara is appreciative that her time with LCBH has allowed her to work with a passionate organization to protect tenant rights on a mass scale throughout the Chicagoland area.

Jordan Carey was recently admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois. Jordan is interning at LCBH while applying for full-time legal work. He had previously interned with LCBH in the fall of 2013 and returned because he enjoyed the work and truly felt like he was making a difference in people’s lives. His favorite part of the job is being able to appear in court on behalf of clients and attempt to make a difference in his clients’ lives. Before coming to LCBH, Jordan did not realize what a difference a little legal help could make when a person is facing an eviction.

Nicole Livanos is going into her third year as a dual-degree law and public policy master’s student at Loyola University Chicago. Nicole is interning with LCBH’s Affordable Housing Prevention Program (AHPP) and has been working to protect tenants’ rights and preserve the affordable housing stock in Chicago. The AHPP compliments both her desire to practice law, by directly advocating for tenants with her 711 License, and her interest in public policy, by researching affordable housing prevention methods and attending events with tenants’-rights activists. Nicole hopes to continue to gain experience in the housing field and to advocate for tenants’ rights, and plans on continuing to intern with LCBH at the Tenants In Foreclosure Help Desk during her last year of school.

Aaron McKean is a rising third year law student at the University of Wisconsin Law School interning with LCBH's Eviction Defense program, representing tenants in eviction court. After spending his second year of law school working mainly in landlord-tenant litigation in Madison, WI, Aaron decided that eviction defense in Chicago's courts would provide him with experience and perspective to help him become a better advocate for tenants. Aaron has enjoyed working at LCBH because of the opportunities for courtroom practice, negotiating with opposing parties, and using his skills to help tenants with their housing. In addition to working with tenants, Aaron has enjoyed working with and learning from not only his supervisor, Noah Magaram, but also the other lawyers, interns, and support staff at LCBH.

Daniel Parrish is a recent graduate from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. While studying for the Illinois bar exam this summer, he worked with LCBH through a Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) fellowship sponsored by Brinks Gilson & Lione. Under the supervision of an LCBH attorney, he represented many tenants, was in court almost every day, and even won his first trial. When asked why he chose LCBH, he said "because of the direct impact on peoples' lives who really need it. I wanted to make a difference and also get courtroom experience. LCBH offered both, plus the people are fantastic to work with!"

Kira Wilpone-Jordan is a rising third year law student at the University of Chicago Law School. This summer she has worked primarily with our Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project, representing renters whose landlords are currently in or have lost their properties to foreclosure. This is Kira’s second summer with LCBH. She previously worked with our Affordable Housing Preservation Program. Kira says her favorite part of working with LCBH is, “the unparalleled dedication everyone at LCBH has for securing and maintaining housing for renters in Chicago.”