Sharon King Receives First Legacy Award Kathy Clark Honored as Tenant Advocate of the Year

Kathleen Clark and Sharon King

As LCBH looks forward to the year ahead, increasing staff and services that will reach many more renters throughout Illinois, it is a bittersweet time as we say so long to two very important people who have been a part of the LCBH family for a very long time. Sharon King and Kathy Clark both retired this year; each leaving a legacy that sustains the agency well into the future ensuring many more people will have meaningful access to the judicial process to provide safe, decent affordable housing for their families.

LCBH Legacy Award

Sharon L. King, Ret. Sidley Austin
Sharon King is the first recipient of the LCBH Legacy Award. After this year, the award will be named in her honor, the LCBH Sharon L. King Legacy Award. This award will be given from time to time to honor a contribution to LCBH that has been so substantial as to create a legacy for the future of the agency. Ms. King exemplifies the profile of a person whose progression of involvement and passion for our mission led to extraordinary contributions to our agency. Sharon started with LCBH as a volunteer in the Attorney of the Day Program in the mid-90’s and then became a member of the Board of Directors, retiring just this year. She served on the Executive Committee during the past 12 years and served two terms as President. Her contributions to the agency are too numerous to include all of them but most notable, she secured an endowment in 2008 that has provided a crucial safety net for LCBH. The Edwin J. Brach and Hazel and Bertram Brodie Fellowship also provides a stipend for a legal intern or fellow annually for LCBH. We truly thank her for her long service and the contributions she has made to sustain the future of LCBH.

The Barbara Grau Housing Advocacy Award

Kathleen K. Clark, Retired Executive Director of Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing
For over 35 years, Kathy has been involved in volunteer and professional activities in the Chicago area that exemplify a love of and commitment to public service. For 12 years she has been at the helm of LCBH guiding its expansion of innovative legal and supportive services programs to assist Chicago's underserved tenants who live in deteriorating buildings and who may be facing homelessness due to eviction or foreclosure. Kathy has been the constant and steady steward of LCBH and a true embodiment of a life-long public servant. She has consistently expanded her horizons and that of LCBH to find more ways to serve more renters regardless of the resources to do so. Under Kathy’s supervision, LCBH has been an advocate for tenant families and has provided a venue for hundreds of legal volunteers to gain real world litigation experience while experiencing the satisfaction of helping low-income families. She is continuing with us as LCBH’s Fair Housing Specialist. It is with the utmost pride, admiration, and gratitude that we present Kathy with the Barbara Grau Housing Advocate award for her tremendous contributions in the area of affordable and accessible housing and for an ongoing legacy of public service within LCBH and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Friend of LCBH Award

The Chicago Bar Foundation
The Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF) serves as a vehicle to mobilize all of the Chicago legal community resources to ensure that everyone in the Chicago Metropolitan area has equal access to justice. CBF works tirelessly to increase awareness of important issues and secure stakeholder investment to make Chicago a better place to live for all of us. They are ahead of the curve on every legal issue that affect those underserved in our community and they vigorously seek ways to fund innovative programs and champion pro bono efforts to support them. In 2012, we recognize the Chicago Bar Foundation for its consistent support of the mission and efforts of LCBH to support low-income renters. CBF’s investment over the years has been integral to the growth of LCBH and its ability to expand services and to leverage additional support for our services. However, it is the many intangible and unparalleled contributions to provide the tools we need to serve our clients is what makes CBF an irreplaceable Friend of LCBH and indeed all legal-aid organizations in the Chicago area.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Noah Magaram
Mr. Magaram is a 2011 graduate of DePaul College of Law. Noah has always been interested in social justice and progressive politics. He decided to go to law school at when he realized that attorneys could have impact beyond protecting powerful interests. Noah notes that a volunteer doing even minor things for tenants disproportionately impacts their lives in a positive way. Keeping a tenant from facing homelessness may at times simply require a routine motion. Noah came to LCBH as an Attorney-of -the-Day volunteer in August of 2011. Noah’s first start to finish case involved a renter living in a foreclosed building. He faced off with a bank on that case and obtained a $1,400.00 settlement and adequate time to move for our client. After that first case Noah was hooked and he has continued to volunteer as an ardent advocate for our clients. Tonight, we honor Noah for his countless contributions to the agency and for his tireless commitment—over 1,600 volunteer hours—to litigating on behalf of low-income renters in Chicago.