Volunteer Spotlight: Noah Magaram, JD

Noah Magaram

Noah has always been interested in social justice and progressive politics. His senior quote in high school was “politics is the shadow cast upon society by big business.” He decided to go to law school at DePaul College of Law when he realized that attorneys could have more impact than only protecting powerful interests. In the winter of 2011, Noah came to LCBH as an attorney-of-the-day volunteer.

Noah notes that a volunteer doing minor things for tenants disproportionately impacts their lives in a positive way. Keeping a tenant from facing homelessness may at times simply require a mundane transfer order. Many abusive landlords will often back off once they hear that the tenant simply has representation.

Noah’s first start to finish case was to help a tenant living in a foreclosed home. He got them $1400 in a deal with the bank, and the tenant referred to him as acting like the biblical Noah saving them from a flood. Noah has made countless contributions to LCBH since then including helping a tenant with disabilties stand up to an abusive landlord who was charging her for utility bills on a building that she did not live in. He secured time and money to move out and protected her from further abuse by removing her name from those utility bills. The deal allowed the tenant and her family to move on in their lives with a clean slate and no contact from the abusive landlord.

Noah is into the NFL, he grew up in Seattle and would like to see the Seahawks with the Super Bowl in his lifetime. He enjoys pulling heavy things off the ground and pressing relatively heavy things overhead. He is always reading history and muckraking journalism. Noah can be reached at nmagaram@lcbh.org.