Volunteer Spotlight: Sean Mines The Evolving Pro Bono Attorney

Sean Mines

Sean Mines is in his third year as a volunteer with LCBH. During that time he has volunteered over 200 hours with us and worked on dozens of cases. That’s quite an impressive feat for someone who isn’t even a litigator in his day-to-day job! What got this transactional attorney away from his desk and into the court room?

Sean began volunteering with LCBH back in 2010. He was intimidated by the prospect of appearing in court, but was also committed to developing his legal skills. After researching several different pro bono opportunities, he decided LCBH’s program would be the best fit for him.

Sean started out covering basic court appearances. First a return date. Then a status date. Once he felt comfortable stepping up in court, he began to cover more substantive hearings. Sean kept coming back to LCBH because of the hands-on nature of the work and the supportive staff. “I could see immediately the impact of my work and everyone was so appreciative of my efforts.” Sean also appreciated that pro bono attorneys were invited to attend intake meetings and included in discussions about which cases to accept.

Last year, looking for a new challenge, Sean approached LCBH about taking on a start-to-finish case of his own. That’s how he got involved in Tara Manning’s case. Sean has taken this case through extensive discovery and settlement negotiations. He researched HUD and CHA policies and is now preparing witnesses and documents for trial. And to think, just a few years ago Sean didn’t even feel comfortable stepping up in front of a judge!

Sean’s experience at LCBH highlights one of our pro bono program’s greatest strengths – it can evolve with you. Sean also offers some words of encouragement to non-litigators who are intimidated about the thought of appearing in court: “I didn’t plan on being in litigation, but once you get exposed it is so rewarding for you and the client that you keep coming back.”

When he’s not in the courthouse, Sean can be a hard man to track down; his love of travel has him jetting all over the world. In the last few months, he has traveled to Mexico, Spain, and Italy. He also loves to play tennis and cycle when he is between international adventures. Despite his busy schedule, however, he always finds time to fit in his pro bono work. We at LCBH would like to thank Sean for all of the time and energy he has dedicated to the agency!