Camille’s Story

Jan 4, 2024 | Renters Story

When “Camille” received an eviction notice, she knew exactly who she’d call: the same reliable and friendly nonprofit she’d connected with five years ago – Law Center for Better Housing.

“As a matter of fact, I spoke with the same person. It was a pleasure to feel like I knew the person on the other line,” Camille said.

This time, she needed help preventing an eviction due to a COVID-related financial hardship, which caused her to fall behind on rent.  

First, Camille worked with LCBH’s Supportive Services team to apply for emergency rental assistance. Camille was quickly awarded the full amount she needed to pay her back rent and late fees.

“I appreciated the social worker I worked with. He helped me to understand the whole process, what I needed to do, and the time I had to do it,” Camille said. “That took a lot of worry off of me.

Camille also worked with LCBH Staff Attorney Will Ruffing. Will helped Camille, who was nervous about appearing in front of a judge, prepare for her three court dates.

He emailed me about my options and told me about the procedures. He explained everything like he was a friend,” Camille said.

At her third appearance, Camille’s landlord’s attorney dismissed the case, allowing her to remain in her unit and avoid experiencing homelessness. “My landlord understood what happened to me and we’ve been able to move past it. I’m so glad I found you all,” Camille said. “I truly feel like God gave me you.”