Jordan’s Story

Jan 4, 2024 | Renters Story

“Jordan,” a successful Chicago-based IT business owner, first contacted LCBH when he received an eviction notice in 2018. He was having a problem with his property management company, which he found out later from his attorney had a track record of being unfair to tenants.

Staff Attorney Sally Robinson took his case and wrote a move-out agreement – if Johnny moved out and turned in his keys by a certain date, they would drop the eviction and seal his record.

When you guys got on the stage, it was a whole different situation. I remember telling the landlord’s attorney I was working with LCBH and he kind of gave me a look like, ‘Oh man, you’ve really got a good attorney,” Jordan said.

When Sally presented the agreement, the landlord agreed to the terms, allowing Jordan to move out in a more reasonable timeframe and without another eviction marring his record.  

After this, Jordan found newly renovated affordable housing in the Southside. He was one of the first 20 people to move into the building in 2020.

“When I moved into my apartment, my life completely turned around. I was able to increase my credit score. I was able to get loans, credit cards, and bank credit lines,” he said. “In less than two years, I had completely turned things around financially for myself, and it was because I had housing.”

Jordan attributes a lot of this success to having an LCBH attorney on his side. “You guys are hands down the best in Chicago. If you want to battle these landlords here in Chicago who are ruthless – this industry has got to be one of the most unscrupulous ones in the whole country – you’ve got to have a solution that is forceful enough to get the result, and that would be LCBH. If somebody gets you, they could sleep easier knowing that they’re going to be taken care of properly,” he said.  

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