Renny is a renter’s best friend. Are you?

Nov 30, 2023

Dear Friend,

Between breakfast before school and dinner after sports practice, Linda spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious food for her two boys. As a parent to two hungry teenagers myself, I can only imagine the dread she felt when her landlord refused to replace her broken oven for two months. What was once routine became burdensome, and expensive.    

Linda started researching solutions and came across Rentervention, our award-winning program that answers renters’ questions about their rights any time anywhere. Renny, our chatbot, assessed Linda’s housing issue and helped her draft a 14-day letter to her landlord demanding repairs. He also connected her with me.  

When two weeks passed and her oven was still broken, I assured Linda she could legally withhold rent until her landlord made the repairs. Her landlord threatened to file a retaliatory eviction in response, so I stepped in to tell him that was illegal. He repaired the oven two days later and Linda is back to preparing meals her family loves. 

For nearly 50,000 renters since 2019, Rentervention has served as a vital tool for solving housing issues before an eviction is filed. With Renny’s help, renters feel empowered to exercise their rights and know they have advocates ready to assist them if they find themselves in eviction court. Simply put, Renny is a renter’s best friend.  

Renny can’t do it alone, though. LCBH needs your support to continue innovating Rentervention, so even more renters like Linda have access to justice this year. Please give and be a renters’ best friend today. Donate.

An anonymous donor will double all new and increased donations up to $5,000. 


Conor Malloy 

Rentervention Director 

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